My Story

Television personality Jennifer Aydin is best known for her role on Bravo’s hit series “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”.

Credited with reinvigorating the show with her energetic and fearless attitude towards conflict, unmistakable social candor, and quick-witted comeback style, Jennifer approaches the issues she and the cast face with humor, transparency, and charisma.

Characterized by her playful tagline, “I’m obsessed with family, traditions, and Chanel,” her personality and influence are rooted in a solid sense of self and a strong set of family values.

“I’m obsessed with family, traditions, and Chanel.”


Coming from a traditional Turkish background, and growing up in Long Island where she worked in her families jewelry business, followed by earning her business degree at Hofstra University in 2000.

Soon after Jennifer learned how to create a balance between respecting her immigrant parents wishes to marry and settle down and become independent in life. 

In 2001 she got engaged to Bill Aydin. Jennifer and Dr. Bill Aydin have been married for 18 years and share 5 beautiful children together, Justin 16, Gabby 13, Jacob 11, Christian 9 and Olivia 7.